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...a wedding cake is just a cake without the icing”, and the same goes with a room without the accessories.



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" Rose Shields has combined her impeccable knowledge of design with a practical and economical way for people to enjoy beautiful, gently used furniture and accessories. Rose’s creative flair and attention to detail provide a dynamic combination for small and large design projects. As she expands her services, it will be her customers who reap the benefits of her knowledge, her talent, and her focus on the individual. "

-- Arlene Creasy – Gretna, VA

" Rose Shields Interior Designs has been meeting my decorating needs for 30 years. I do not enjoy, nor am I gifted in choosing colors, fabrics and flooring. Thirty years ago when my husband and I built our home I put Rose in charge of all aspects…paint, paper, flooring and bedroom ensembles….everything to do with decorating. She took into account our family make-up and life style and created a beautiful home for us. Over the years as our home and family have changed and I have continued to call on Rose’s expertise, from decorating an entire home, to designing and decorating a beautiful master bedroom suite addition, and recently helping in a makeover for a small dining room….Rose has always made our family happy and stayed within our budget! No job has ever been too large or too small for her. Over the years she has become not only my decorator but a good friend. You will not go wrong relying on Rose’s expert design knowledge. "

-- Pat Owen – Blairs, VA

" We have worked with Rose on numerous projects for over twenty years and she never fails to impress with her resourcefulness and extensive knowledge of color, sense of scale, and use of texture. Most recently she transformed our new home into a warm, aesthetically pleasing and functional space while maintaining our budgetary constraints. Rose is a true professional and a genuine pleasure to work with. The results of her efforts are simply amazing! "

-- Tom and Barbara Barksdale – San Antonio, TX

" I remember when I heard someone say no matter what budget you have you can afford an Interior Designer, never were so few words spoken that were quite so true. So began my relationship with Rose Shields Interiors. It’s now been 15 plus years that I have been using the services of Rose Shields to help bring my home together and I could not be more pleased with the outcome of her work. I certainly had no idea of what to do or where to start. I’m very happy to hear that she is adding yet another service to her business that will benefit her customers who are looking to update or just starting out. I just can’t wait to find out what she has in store for me as well too! I can now update at half the cost of the merchandise from other customers who are selling! So if anyone has been putting off redecorating their home or just wanting to do a little updating, now is the time to let Rose Shields take you from an Oh no…. to an aaahhh….. "

-- Emma Yarbrough – Danville, VA

" I have known Rose for over 24 years. We met in approximately 1991 when my husband and I built our home in Danville, Virginia. We had moved there from Los Angeles, and my husband was a neurosurgeon. My husband wanted a large home and we built a home on almost 3 acres of property. It was a large project and even though I had my own ideas, I had no understanding of how to even begin on such a huge task. From the very beginning, Rose took charge and without her I would never ever have been able to have the lovely home that I live in today. She prepared a notebook containing all of our paint colors, indoor and out, our furniture that was going to be recovered and she had samples of the new fabrics, and so much more, and I still have it today. She also listened to me about what I liked and what I wanted, and never in any way attempted to tell me what would “look better”. Her attention to every detail, done seemingly effortlessly, was amazing to me. She ordered furniture for us, and everything was done when she stated and all arrived at the appropriate time. Rose is one of the most talented and creative people that I have ever met, and I consider myself so very fortunate to have not only met her as she is a lovely person, but to have had the privilege of her gifted expertise, I was truly blessed. There is more that I could share, so if anyone would like to speak to me, I welcome your call with any questions. "

-- Susanne Singer – Danville, VA

" Rose helped to alleviate the stress factor for us during our building process. Her expertise with interior design in the ordering, placement and scale of furniture was most helpful. She also assisted us in determining the perfect shade of paint to enhance our walls and ceilings. Rose listened and delivered the style of design we preferred which is reflective throughout our home. We strongly feel she provided quality guidance at a reasonable and affordable price. Most importantly, Rose helped surround our home with warmth and beauty. It is a home we daily enjoy and love. "

-- Doug and Brenda Kendrick – Danville, Va.

A Division of Rose Shields Interiors

Rose Shields

As a designer, Rose Shields often incurs clients with unique and beautiful pieces that they want to sell in order to redesign their spaces. Dzigned 2 Consign is your opportunity to buy these “like new” pieces at wonderfully reduced prices.