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Consignment guidelines

  1. Dzigned 2 Consign sets appropriate prices on items based upon a combination of experience, knowledge of market trends and current resale values. Proceeds are split 40/60 between Dzigned 2 Consign and its clients. 40% goes to Dzigned 2 Consign and 60% goes to the Consignee.
  2. Dzigned 2 Consign typically does not accept items with a resale value less than $25.
  3. Dzigned 2 Consign will display the Consignee’s items on the website for 90 consecutive days. Then the consignee will be contacted to decide if they wish to move their items to the “CLEARANCE BIN” at a reduced rate OR take the items off the site. If the Consignee wishes to remove the items from the site, they may add the item back onto the site after 30 days. Items added to the “CLEARANCE BIN” will remain in there for 60 days.
  4. Consignee’s are paid for their items on the 1st and the 15th of the following month after their items have sold-with checks that will be mailed to them.
  5. Consignments must be in excellent condition and current marketable items. Any defects should be brought to our attention upon presentation in photos. If an item has been personally inspected by Dzigned 2 Consign’s owner, there will be a special rating on the website noting this which may help increase the sale. If a product comes from a smokers home, IT MUST BE NOTED ON THIS CONTRACT AND WILL BE NOTED ON THE ITEM ON THE SITE AS WELL. Smokers items may not bring as much money.
  6. Dzigned 2 Consign handles the transaction to sell the items for the Consignee but is not liable for the loss or damage to any consigned items, including theft, burglary, vandalism, accident, water-damage, fire or any other cause whatsoever once the buyer arranges the pick-ups. Consignees and buyers should consult their homeowners or renters insurance policy for coverage. Dzigned 2 Consign may recommend delivery/pick-up services for large items but is not responsible for these people’s actions as well.
  7. Dzigned 2 Consign reserves the right to review the terms of this contract and to make reasonable adjustments as necessary. Dzigned 2 Consign also reserves the right to terminate this or any contract without notice.
  8. Please review our How 2 Guide for information on taking and emailing photos, by clicking on the green box at the bottom of the page.


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