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How 2 Sell

Step 1- Evaluating Process

  • Send us as many pictures of the item you wish to consign as you can. Please review our How 2 Guide, for taking and emailing images.
  • Provide as many details as possible about the item such as the original price you paid, the manufacturer, the size (width, length, height), its age, what you “hope” to get for it, disclose any damage to the item and note with photos, and note if from a smokers home or if the home has pets. Provide any other details you think would help sell the item.
  • We will notify you after receiving the pictures if we will accept the items for our website. In some cases, the owner of Dzigned 2 Consign may contact you to come out and make some better pictures if the items are unusual or very marketable and may bring a lot of money and the pictures are not doing it justice.

Step 2-Pricing and Terms

  • Dzigned 2 Consign sets appropriate prices on your items based upon a combination of experience, knowledge of market trends and current resale values. We take into consideration the overall condition, style, finish, color, original sale price, and other criteria to price your items. Remember, our goal is to sell your items for as much as possible!!
  • The consignment term is 90 days. After 90 days, you will be contacted to see if you wish to remove your item from the site or move it to the CLEARANCE BIN at a reduced price to be decided on. If you move your item to the CLEARANCE BIN, it can remain there for 60 days. If you wish to remove your item from the site altogether, you may relist it again within a 2 year period for (1) more 90 day period per item.
  • Our website was developed with search engine optimization in mind which will ensure that it reaches many markets to advertise your items. We have an “additional information” tab under every product that list such things as where the item is located for pick-up, if the item is from a pet free or smoke free home, if the item is new with tags, if the owner is willing to deliver the item or ship it, etc. This information is important in selling our items.  The convenience of having them in one location that is easy to see will help sell your products faster.


Step 3-Payout

  • Upon the sale of your item and you notify us the delivery/pick up has been made, a check is written to you on the 1st and 15th of the following month and mailed to you for any items sold prior to those dates. For example, if your item sells on January 2nd AND IS PICKED UP, then you will get your check on February 1st. Dzigned 2 Consign will mail you your check.
  • All payments from buyers go through Paypal and Dzigned 2 Consign will pay the fees associated with that transaction.


  • Items with broken hardware or missing parts
  • Items in need of repair, cleaning, refinishing, or re-upholstery
  • Furniture with water stains, or scratches that are very noticeable on the primary surfaces.
  • Victorian style seating unless its been updated…to be evaluate
  • Large commercial office furniture
  • Knock down (self assembly) types of particle board furniture
  • Black lacquer furniture
  • Unframed art, faded prints, art with dated matting or framing
  • Waterbeds/mattresses
  • Sofa Beds
  • Toys
  • Most textiles-linens, clothing, etc. (exceptions-unusual table cloth, tapestry)
  • Books or magazines
  • Appliances/computers/electronics (including televisions)
  • Lamps without shades or with yellowed or damaged shades
  • Lamps in need of rewiring or with old frayed wiring
  • Glassware or stemware sets that include less than four pieces
  • Collectible plates (example: Franklin Mint)
  • Chipped or repaired glassware or china
  • China sets with less than 4 place settings



  • Antiques, Vintage and modern furniture, home accessories, art, lighting, rugs, china and crystal.
  • Items with a sense of style!
  • Upholstered items that are current in style with no stains, odors, pet hair, fading, sun bleaching, and apparent wear. If the furniture is out of date, it will probably be unsellable.
  • If you are unsure of an item, email us a picture and we will evaluate it and let you know if it is acceptable. rosedzigner@yahoo.com