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Emailing Photos

It is important to send images to Dzigned 2 Consign as soon as the contract is sent. They will be needed to evaluate the item(s) before the process of consigning.

Here are a few steps to use for taking the best photographs:


  1. Use a camera, mobile device, or tablet that is at least 8 Megapixels
  2. Make sure that there is equal space on all sides of your image
  3. Do not crop images
  4. Take the photograph in good, even light.  Use a light source that is above the item or natural light when possible
  5. Photograph only one item at a time and remove items that are not being consigned when possible.
  6. If consigning a set, please include photographs of all of the pieces together as well as each piece individually.
  7. Make sure to include photographs of any signatures, seals, or certificates of authenticity that pertain to items.
  8. Take photographs from all sides of the item.
  9. Include close up shots if item contains details such as wood carving, fabric pattern/color or any other interesting element or defect.
  10. Send all photographs via email to Rose Shields

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns via my contact form, or email